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   …just a pinch makes all the difference

Training – Once learned, never forgotten…

oldbicycleWhether by way of support from a friend at a time of crisis, the use of a piece of equipment to make our lives run smoother or if we simply lack the knowledge and expertise to achieve a goal, we all need a little help from time to time.

How many times have you decided to save money by tiling your own bathroom, only to discover you were completely useless at tiling? How often have you ignored a rattle in your car before the engine management light told you to ‘seek urgent mechanical attention’? How many months did you spend doing your own business accounts before realising you didn’t have the foggiest idea what you were doing?

I guess the question here is when was the last time you actually admitted to yourself that buying in a little help from a man (or woman) who can would make better use of your time, your money and your stress levels?

Let’s face it, the following is absolutely true for each of us:

1.) We started out in life knowing nothing about anything.

2.) What we know now we have had to learn.

3.) Whatever skills we acquire we will always own (just like riding a bicycle).

As children we constantly celebrate our growth and development so why, as adults, do we decide that plugging a skills gap is in some way a sign of a weakness? Personal and professional development is not something to shy away from, it is something to embrace, something to grab by the horns, something to be used for our own aims and goals.

Fortunately for me, in my work as a coach and trainer, my clients have at least started to realise it is impossible to know everything about everything, and what is more, they have realised this is OK.  They come to me for support and training to plug their skills gaps, to get another perspective and to get the support they need to succeed.

Bye for now.




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