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Every Day Is A School Day


The past few weeks have been an interesting mix of coaching, training and mentoring for me. Not only at work when helping others to succeed but in my own personal development.

They say we are never too old to learn and despite the years clocking up at speed, this certainly applies to me. Every day really is a school day.

Far too often we choose, perhaps not intentionally, to focus on the negatives in our life. To wish for better things. To want to somehow remedy those perceived faults that flaw our character.

This week in particular I’ve been pondering how we can change what we see as a negative trait into something that is a resounding positive to be celebrated and promoted and today, whilst in conversation with a remembered a technique that can be of use to us all.

With just a bit of coaching, re-framing, or flipping can be a really positive way to silence the negative thoughts that set us back. They can change the way we think about ourselves and so can change the way that we are perceive by others.

Harsh words like impulsive, aggressive and stubborn could be ‘re-framed’ to become decisive, forthright and tenacious. Critical labels such as aloof, pessimistic and cold might be better thought of as measured, considered and thoughtful and so called ’emotional weaknesses’ like fearful, emotional and weak could perhaps simply become cautious, sensitive and gentle.

For many of us choosing to turn these negatives into a positive could be the very thing that allows us to move on to bigger and better things. There’s no mileage in focusing on what has gone before and/or what someone else chooses to saddle us with.

If you can find a way to think more positively when those negativity gremlins kick in I promise you every future school day really will be some of the best days of your life.Why not check out this great book Flip It if you want to find out more about turning a negative into a positive.

Remember, if you are still struggling to flip things into the positive then I’m always on hand to help with coaching.

Contact me via email heather@salt-solutions.co.uk or by phone on 01691 700800.
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