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Investment in our staff is the single most effective way of maintaining their engagement. Internal and external communication, if left unchecked, has the ability to break even the strongest of business teams.

I work with a wide range of clients to eliminate apathy and encourage engagement. From individuals starting out in business to businesses who have grown and now need more efficient communication strategies within their organisation. I work with aspiring managers who need help in ‘raising their game’ to experienced leaders struggling to motivate their teams and I have knowledge of working with both  SME’s struggling to grow their share of the market and established Sole Traders who have momentarily lost their way.

If your business needs help with any of the following, or would benefit from some additional support in realising  potential, I can help with personalised training in the following areas.

Engagement, Influence and Communication

  • Understanding the specific needs of stakeholders and what motivates them.
  • Managing expectation and developing trust and rapport with stakeholders.
  • Recognising different communication styles and using them to engage and influence others.
  • Overcoming common objections and handling difficult questions with positivity.

Leadership and Management

  • Essential skills for aspiring team leaders and managers.
  • Effective and efficient leadership and development strategies.
  • Dealing with conflict and effectively managing a diverse workforce.
  • Conducting staff appraisals and delivering constructive feedback.

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

  • Chairing and contributing to successful meetings with effective outcomes.
  • Delivering creative and memorable presentations with confidence.
  • Attractive and effective elevator pitches for networking meetings.
  • Networking etiquette and how to work the room.

1-2-1 Coaching, Training & Mentoring

  • Ongoing support for team leaders, aspiring managers and leaders.
  • Project specific coaching through periods of growth, change and/or development.
  • Development of key skills and strategies to grow key members of the organisation.

Other Areas Covered Include

  • Marketing Messages.
  • Telemarketing.
  • Customer Service.
  • Recognising Buying Signals and Body Language.
  • Bespoke, industry specific training.

Services can be delivered on or off site workshops or as 1-2-1 coaching  if required.

My work is based on getting the most out of every individual, my style is motivational, engaging and fun but I take what I do very seriously.

To find out more about how I can help, call me on 01691 700800 for a discussion and to book your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Please email or via the ‘Get In Touch’ page.

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