Guest Speaker in cheshire





Searching for someone real to inspire others?

Finding the right guest speaker for an event is often an event planners nightmare. Getting the right balance and mix for an audience can be hard to gauge at a time.  When it is crucial that people leave feeling informed, educated, motivated and/or inspired.

I have a lively, energetic and open approach when presenting. Nothing is off limits and I actively seek out lively discussion and feedback from the audience.

Having lived a varied life both professionally and personally I have an extensive back catalogue of experience to draw upon, to share my knowledge and experiences freely in the hope that others will take from me whatever they need to be the very best they can possibly be.

Subjects covered include:

  • Head To Head – overcoming everyday objections.
  • Upside Down Reality – how to see the positive in almost everything.
  • Take A Chance On Me – embracing change and all that goes with it.
  • Is It All About You?- how to deal with nerves.
  • Delegation – is it a sign of weakness?


I’ve been a chatterbox since the age of 4 and now use that fundamental characteristic to communicate with the world for good effect.

If you need to find an energetic, inspiring and engaging speaker for your event, whatever the size, please contact me to discuss your requirements and check availability. 

To find out more about how I can help, call me on 01691 700800 for a discussion and to book your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Please email or via the ‘Get In Touch’ page.


…search no more.