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Myers Briggs MBTI – My journey across the pond and back again

July 5, 2016

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HNPhotoMBTIIt is always useful to add tools to your business skills toolkit and that’s precisely what I did last month when I set off for Boston, Massachusetts to become a Certified Practitioner of Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) I & II.

For some time now I’ve been wanting to expand my so called ‘tool kit’ and the MBTI seemed like the perfect compliment to my existing skills and knowledge and believe it or not it was cheaper to fly to the U S of A than to study the same qualification here in Blighty.

So it was with  a spring in my step and just a little trepidation about being classroom bound for 4 days that I set off from Manchester to complete my mission.

In a nutshell, the Myers Briggs MBTI assessment tool is a questionnaire used to identify our personal preferences centred around basic mental processes and relates to information gathering, decision making and the way in which we interact with the world in general.

As you might expect, this is precisely the sort of thing that ‘floats my boat’ and I am particularly interested in using this new tool to help clients establish and strengthen teams, in leadership and management programmes and effective communication strategies. All very exciting stuff.

They say that self-discovery is the path to enlightenment and I absolutely agree with that sentiment. For me, one of the great things is that the Myers Briggs MBTI instrument can be used in companies of all sizes and sectors and is supported by data that highlights the ways in which to overcome potential hurdles. And that’s why I like it.

If you’d like to know more about Myers Briggs MBTI I & II then do get in touch. I could talk for hours (or five minutes if you prefer) on my newly acquired skills and how they can help you and your business.

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Every Day Is A School Day

April 22, 2016

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The past few weeks have been an interesting mix of coaching, training and mentoring for me. Not only at work when helping others to succeed but in my own personal development.

They say we are never too old to learn and despite the years clocking up at speed, this certainly applies to me. Every day really is a school day.

Far too often we choose, perhaps not intentionally, to focus on the negatives in our life. To wish for better things. To want to somehow remedy those perceived faults that flaw our character.

This week in particular I’ve been pondering how we can change what we see as a negative trait into something that is a resounding positive to be celebrated and promoted and today, whilst in conversation with a remembered a technique that can be of use to us all.

With just a bit of coaching, re-framing, or flipping can be a really positive way to silence the negative thoughts that set us back. They can change the way we think about ourselves and so can change the way that we are perceive by others.

Harsh words like impulsive, aggressive and stubborn could be ‘re-framed’ to become decisive, forthright and tenacious. Critical labels such as aloof, pessimistic and cold might be better thought of as measured, considered and thoughtful and so called ’emotional weaknesses’ like fearful, emotional and weak could perhaps simply become cautious, sensitive and gentle.

For many of us choosing to turn these negatives into a positive could be the very thing that allows us to move on to bigger and better things. There’s no mileage in focusing on what has gone before and/or what someone else chooses to saddle us with.

If you can find a way to think more positively when those negativity gremlins kick in I promise you every future school day really will be some of the best days of your life.Why not check out this great book Flip It if you want to find out more about turning a negative into a positive.

Remember, if you are still struggling to flip things into the positive then I’m always on hand to help with coaching.

Contact me via email or by phone on 01691 700800.
Failing that, why not text 07843 006984 or look me up on social media?



Hear Me Roar! Motivational and Inspirational

July 16, 2015

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This week I had the absolute pleasure and privilege to speak at the Rethink and Do Conference at Chester Zoo.

I am so very lucky to be able to enjoy public speaking and to, in some small way, motivate and encourage others to tread a path they might not ordinarily follow.

Finding the courage to shine, to be the best that we can possibly be and to throw our heads back and give off a huge lion’s roar takes courage, it takes conviction and quite frankly it takes ‘a bit of doing’ for some of us.

The subject of my presentation on Monday was ‘Talking Up Your Business. Finding Your Voice In The World Of Therapy’ and my aim was firmly set on helping my audience to believe that whatever they have to say is worth saying, is worth listening to and is worth remembering. We all just need to engage with what we believe, what matters most to us and to our audience and to give them everything we’ve got in terms of energy, enthusiasm and excellence. Simple as that.

The feedback from delegates has, I am relieved to say, been incredibly positive. People have told me I was funny, engaging, inspirational and motivational. All things I aspire to be, but, and it is a very big BUT, I couldn’t be any of these things if I didn’t take some of my own medicine. If I didn’t walk the talk. If I didn’t believe in my subject, my specialism and myself (at least some of the time).

Monday was a day full of positive energy in an environment where everyone was given the space to soar like an eagle, the stamina to march like an elephant and the energy to roar like a lion.

Heather Noble is a Coach, Trainer and Facilitator specialising in communication, leadership and management. Full details can be found at or by calling 01691 700800.

Heather Noble named Best Business Adviser at Awards Event

June 18, 2015

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Oswestry business woman Heather Noble, of Salt Solutions was named Best Business Adviser at a recent celebration event hosted by Young Enterprise Shropshire

Young Enterprise is a national programme during which secondary school children have the opportunity to operate a business for a year. The scheme, largely run by volunteers, seeks to develop communication and decision making skills whilst delivering a basic understanding of business.

Heather has been a volunteer business adviser at The Marches School in Oswestry for the last 3years and, picked up the award during at the Park Inn Hotel last month and said ‘Naturally I am thrilled to be recognised in this way but my input is just one very small part of this incredible project. Every year I am completely overwhelmed by the work the young people of Shropshire do as part of the Young Enterprise Project and I absolutely believe that the skills and experience they acquire will stand them in great stead for the their future careers.’

She went on to add, ‘developing so called ‘soft skills’ are vitally important for us all and anything that can be done to fast track that learning should be encouraged and celebrated. In the work I do I meet so many people who are seeking to develop their confidence, their communication skills and their leadership skills many of whom would have benefited greatly from a scheme like this.’

Heather Noble is a Coach, Trainer and Facilitator specialising in communication, leadership and management. Full details can be found at or by calling 01691 700800.

Fast Track Networking – does it really exist?

February 6, 2015

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coffeandbaconRecently, whilst working with a coaching client, the subject of business networking came up in our discussion. So many of us, when we hear the term ‘networking’ think of greasy bacon, cold coffee and sweaty palms but it really doesn’t’ need to be that way.

I find it much more helpful to think of networking as something that is all around us (a bit like love). It is ongoing at every moment of the day, every day of the week and every week of the year. In my view, we can’t, actually switch it on and off like a tap, and nor should we.

Networking is about building relationships that are deep rooted and lasting. There is no such thing as speed networking. Not really. It’s about efficiency and efficacy. The best we can hope for is to learn ways to get inside the mind of those we meet and use our emotional intelligence to smooth the process in such a way that we don’t inadvertently ‘shoot ourselves in the foot’.

This Trust and Rapport Pyramid provides a great insight into what is actually happening when we are ‘networking’. Think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and you’ll be somewhere near understanding how it works.


We are networking all of the time. Constantly. Our job is to listen, probe and consider the needs of others and then decide how our offering fits into their needs. Business comes as a by product of networking not as a direct result of it.

I think this is really interesting and a useful way to recognise what is happening when we are ‘networking’.

Happy networking!

Bye for now.


You can’t tickle yourself…coaching your way to success

November 27, 2014

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It’s really true, you can’t. At least not intentionally and doing it by accident doesn’t count. Trust me. The same applies with coaching.

Yes, we can sit  in a darkened room and give ourself a stiff talking to. We can take a blank piece of paper and brainstorm some stuff that seems to be important but we really can’t take a truly objective, unbiased and realistic opinion on the things that spin around inside our heads and that is why we sometimes need help. We sometimes need coaching.

Sometimes our friends and families can help us to get some kind of perspective on life, a balance between work and play but occasionally we need someone to offer support in a way that doesn’t involve cotton wool and/or kid gloves. We need someone who can challenge our thinking who can encourage us to be brave, encourage us to grow in the way that we need to grow to be the best we can possibly be.

I remember, many years ago, a psychologist friend of mine explained to me what happens when people make a shift in their life, when people strive for something new and become who they really want to be. He said that those around us, who love us, often try to protect us by highlighting the flaws in our ideas, flagging up the dangers that could lie ahead and reminding us of the things that we might have overlooked that have the ability to cause us pain, be that emotional or physical. They do this as much for themselves as for us. For example, what if the change in you makes you lose interest in them? What if you leave them behind?How would they cope?

He went on to say that this isn’t necessarily a conscious thing but nevertheless it can promote unhelpful limiting beliefs in even the most determined, focused individual.

At various times I have employed the services of a mentor, a coach and, at one time, a psychotherapist. All of whom helped me to reach a particular goal or place in my life. I doubtless will use others in the same way in the future and for me, it has always led me to greater things that I might have ever imagined before.

So, next time you think you can go it alone with coaching your way to success, or tickling yourself for that matter, you might like to think again…


How To Keep Things In Perspective – Public Speaking Nerves

July 24, 2014

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Butterflies in your tummy, sweaty palms and a dry mouth can become things of the past if you follow these few simple steps to turn your public speaking nerves on their head.

Glossophobia, the fear of speaking in public as it is better known, is regularly listed as the most common of all phobias and many books have been written about how to overcome this state of mind.

In my work it is often the one thing that motivates people to make contact with me and frequently turns out to be masking of an altogether different emotion.

Indulge me if you will…

I want you to imagine you have been invited to deliver a presentation to a group of important officials about your absolute field of expertise. You have had a fortnight to prepare and the presentation is written and rehearsed (finally). You will be speaking for 20 minutes and will be handling questions at the end of the session (time permitting). You know precisely where you will be meeting and what you are going to be wearing and someone else is sorting out the IT for you (hooray).

An added pressure is that your overall ‘performance’ will determine whether or not you gain a long overdue promotion at work which will attract a hefty pay rise (and I mean a seriously hefty pay rise). You have to deliver the presentation tomorrow and, if successful, will start your new job on the first of next month so those extra pounds will soon be in the bank.

So, how have you been feeling?

  1. Have you been suffering with an upset tummy (butterflies), sleepless nights and heart palpitations?
  2. Have you convinced yourself it will all be a disaster, that you will forget everything you want to say and make a complete fool of yourself and?
  3. Have you started to think you should never have put yourself forward for this stupid promotion in the first place and stand no chance of success?

All of the above are perfectly reasonable emotions and would be experienced by many in the same situation but what if we took some time to listen to what is REALLY going on here? What if we could ‘re frame’ our feelings and come up with some strategies and techniques to concentrate on making your presentation a HUGE success and that ‘hot shot’ promotion a reality?

So, what have you been feeling?

  1. What if the emotions you are experiencing are not ALL based around fear?
  2. What if the world becoming your oyster is almost too incredible to bear and you are feeling the exact emotions you felt as a child when you secretly hoped for a Scalextric, a new Chopper bicycle (the link takes you to a Chopper Owners Club!) or a Tiny Tears that really cried?
  3. What if these physical symptoms are not, in truth, a fear of messing up with the presentation but are in some way related to the fear of not being able to spend those extra earnings on holidays, houses or pension provisions?

We forget that the physical symptoms of anxiety and excitement are incredibly similar. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood these emotions become confused and ‘fear’ becomes the dominant label.

So, how can you change your perspective?

  1. How would things feel if you chose to embrace the excitement?
  2. How much more engaging and ‘real’ would you be in the delivery of the presentation if you used the excitement positively?
  3. How much easier would it be for the interview panel to make the ‘right’ decision’ if they could see how excited you were about the job in hand.

They say a change is as good as a rest so next time you start to feel ‘anxious’ stand back, change your perspective and leave the rest to success!

Bye for now.


May 20, 2014

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Thanks so much for your public speaking workshop last week.  I’m sure that everybody took something positive and helpful away from the session. I found it really useful for my public speaking and it was also interesting to hear you give examples of how to present specific information. I think I’d like to work on a more engaging and direct style of delivery, if it suits me! Thank you so much for helping us in our work in this way.  

J.D.  Business Development Manager (UK), Self Help Africa

Customer Service – are you missing the point?

May 6, 2014

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As business owners we invest an awful lot of time in considering how to deliver the best levels of customer service and spend even more time putting procedures in place to deliver on these great ideals.

So why is it, inspire of these efforts we sometimes actually make matters worse?

Take for example Ryanair. Last week a truly hilarious and very cleverly written letter of complaint was addressed to Ryanair by a less than happy customer, Mr James Lockley. The letter was posted on Social Media Site Facebook and soon went viral. (Click here to read the letter in full, it is pretty clever).

In essence, Mr Lockley arrived for his flight a little later than planned. There then followed a sequence of events which not only led to Mr Lockley missing his flight but resulted in additional cost for replacement flights and taxis, an unplanned overnight stay and missing the wedding reception he and his wife were flying to attend.

Each of these things in isolation would have been infuriating enough for even the calmest amongst us but it was the way that Mr L was treated that made the whole situation worse.

No doubt, Ryanair spend an awful lot of money on creating their brand and defining their place in the market. Budget airlines receive quite a bit of bad press but let’s not forget they are, and always will be, budget airlines.

However, where in the rule book does it say that budget has to mean poor customer service? Budget may mean ‘no frills’, it may mean ‘basic’ but it should never mean poor quality. After all, we wouldn’t expect a budget airline to use poorly maintained aircraft so why is it acceptable for us to be given an inconsistent message and less than polite staff. I imagine it is this in particular that will prevent many of us from flying with Ryanair.

Moving a little closer to home, just a couple of weeks ago my husband and I decided to visit a lovely pub, that we know well, for a very late lunch or very early supper (it was 4.30pm, you decide). We hadn’t booked a table as it was a last minute decision to eat out (mind you the pub in question doesn’t take ‘same day’ bookings so we turned up on spec).

The pub wasn’t at all busy but most of the tables were marked as ‘reserved’ and laid for evening meals. Each table had a little card that said the time of the booking and stated the table could be used until that time. However, neither my husband nor myself felt comfortable sitting at ‘someone else’s table’ just in case they arrived early or we left later than planned. We were clearly not alone in this as there were 2 other groups of people doing the same thing.

Anyway, we kept looking and eventually spotted a lovely table that was waiting to be cleared from some earlier diners. We enquired whether we could sit at the table in question but were asked to wait while the waitress wandered off to speak to another waitress who checked in a book to see if and or when the table was needed again.

Eventually, after loitering like a couple of interlopers and almost deciding to walk out with embarrassment we were granted use of the table. Hoorah!

Now, you may think that I shouldn’t blame the staff for simply trying to ‘get ahead’ of themselves for the evening shift and in many ways I don’t but imagine if there was a different way of achieving the same result for everyone without making us feel like unwanted and unwelcome customers.

Imagine a situation where all of the tables are laid for the evening sitting but without the ‘reserved’ cards. Imagine having just one member of staff standing at the entrance to the dining area. Imagine one side of a conversation that goes a bit like this:

‘Good Afternoon, can I help you?’

‘Are you looking for a table for 2, 4, 6 …?’

‘We are just in between sittings but we do have a few tables available if you think you will be finished by 7.00pm, 7.30pm, midnight…?’

‘Would you prefer to sit near the window or near the fire?’

‘Please take a seat, here are a couple of menus, I’ll be back in a few minutes to take your drinks order’.

This way, we are happy, we get a warm welcome, we understand we are on a time limit, we accept the situation and can relax and view the menu.

This way, the staff are happy, they get to keep their tables ‘under control’ and can be sure that we will be leaving on time and if we look like we are outstaying our welcome, they have every right to politely eject us.

This way, we are full of happy memories and feel able to return again to enjoy the warm welcome and great food in the future. Perhaps with friends or family.

So, next time you are pondering what good customer service really looks like, take a moment to think of what really matters to your customer, consider what their ‘must haves’ really are and save yourself time in doing just a  little bit less and achieving a whole lot more.




A Very Good Place To Start For Speeches That Really Sing.

January 16, 2014

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From important telephone calls to presentations and speeches we can all learn a lot from Maria in The Sound of Music.

Rather sensibly she advises us to begin at the beginning, which, it turns out is a very good place to start.

Taking the time to think about what we are going to say is a habit very few of us actually manage to do but I guarantee  just a few minutes careful consideration before making even the simplest of phone calls, or simply allocating ten minutes quiet time before you start to pull together your presentations or a speeches will not only keep your audience engaged but will help you to feel more confident and in control of those horrible nerves that so often get in the way of  what we want to say.

There are various techniques you can use to focus your thoughts such as MindMapping (one of my favourites) or Brainstorming which, contrary to popular belief can be done solo.

When you think about it, the more clear you are in what you want to say, the more clear you are going to be in saying it. It’s not rocket science but surprisingly many of us find ourselves ‘winging it’ which isn’t always the best plan. In fact, it’s not a plan at all.

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